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The Tuesday Twist:  5 September

The Tuesday Twist: 5 September

Our Personalised Family Trees are the perfect way to show the deep roots you share with your loved ones! With a wide range of design options available it's easy to find the perfect fit to accommodate your family size. Each intricate wall art is custom made to your personal specifications making these the perfect gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or 'just because.'

Brand New Designs

Our newest family trees feature everything from whimsical weeping willows to playful treehouses! These charming 8 x 8 inch designs are pressed between two sheets of glass and come assembled in a handmade wooden frame.

Box Frame Designs

These 12 x 12 inch trees are lasercut from high quality, FSC approved pine effect card stock and are available in three background colours: Deep Red, Deep Blue and Turquoise. Our wooden frames are hand-crafted in our Edinburgh studio and come with a satin black finish.

Floating Designs

These designs are pressed between two sheets of glass and assembled in a 12 x 12 inch modern floating frame. Choose from a range of stunning artwork colours!

Acrylic Designs

Our modern pearlescent acrylic design is assembled in a handmade box frame and can be personalised with up to 7 names, including a pet! Your family name can be engraved on the frame along with a special line of personalised text. Choose from a Deep Red, Deep Blue or Black background.

Mini Designs

These miniature 4.5 x 4.5 inch personalised family trees use the whole of the tree, from the roots to the tips of the leaves, to create a stunning visual effect! Choose from a matt black or matt white frame.

Wooden Layered Designs

These wonderful 8 x 8 inch designs are produced across three layers of lasercut wood and assembled to create unique and intricate family trees. Sold exclusively on Not on the High Street.

Wooden Mini Designs

Our Mini Family Tree Wall Plaque sits 20mm off of the wall, producing a unique shadow effect that makes this piece stand out from the crowd! Our self-standing Mini Family Tree Artwork is crafted from the highest quality cuts of wood by a local Edinburgh fine carpentry company and features one of our traditional family tree designs.



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The Tuesday Twist: 22 August

The Tuesday Twist: 22 August


This week marked a significant milestone as Big Ben sounded its last bong for several years. The Elizabeth Tower, home to the Great Clock and Big Ben, is currently undergoing a complex programme of renovation work. Find out more about the conservation works HERE

We truly love the architecture of London's Houses of Parliament and it has served as inspiration for one of our featured Landmark Wall Arts. Available is 12 colour options, our Houses of Parliament Mini Wall Art is the perfect way to commemorate Big Ben in all its glory!

'Not All Who Wander Are Lost' 

As the summer months of road trips and travels come to a close, you may be thinking of ways to preserve your most recent holiday memories.

Just like our fabulous Houses of Parliament Mini Wall Art we offer a range of other notable landmarks from all across the UK (and a few beyond). You will remember all the fun times you've had every time you walk by your wall art!

Check out our full range

Our Personalised Memory Map Artworks are a stunning way to commemorate a holiday, wedding, honeymoon, or other special event! Each solid wood block is engraved to your personal specifications making it a truly unique keepsake!

Wherever your journeys have, or will soon take you, a great way to preserve your experiences is by keeping a travel journal. Our new Wooden Engraved Notebooks also make a a great sketchpad or photo album!

Map it Out

We just love the idea of transforming a map (perhaps one you actually used on your travels) into a meaningful keepsake! Here are a few of our favourites!

Decoupage Map Stones: These cost effective souvenirs are a great way to bring home a piece of your travels. These momentos collected from all across the country or world would look great in a decorative glass bowl on the coffee table!

Bottle-Cap Map Magnets: While sampling the best of local breweries, hang onto that bottle cap and turn it into a conversational souvenir!

 Map Wallpaper: Inject some wanderlust into an ordinary piece of funiture by adding a map! This would look exceptional on a bookcase filled with travel books and souvenirs!


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The Tuesday Twist: 15 August

The Tuesday Twist: 15 August

Better to Give than Receive

The act of expressing our feelings through the giving of gifts dates back thousands of years. Whether it's to show a loved one just what they mean to you, show appreciation for a job well done or just to show gratitude for having someone as a friend, the act of gift-giving is a way for individuals to truly connect. In fact. research suggests that giving gifts may improve a person’s state of mind. If giving a gift makes you feel happier with a sense of purpose then this may inevitably improve your state of mind. 

Find out more about the history of gift giving HERE

Thoughtful Giving

While receiving a random gift card is probably a welcome gift why not truly make an impact on someone by giving them something that is truly thought out and personal?

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

How do you become a thoughtful gift giver and just how does this help you find the perfect gift? These simple tips courtesy of Real Simple make it easy to get into the spirit of giving:

  • They plan ahead.
  • Thoughtful gift givers don't focus on cost.
  • They make gifts personal.
  • And they enjoy giving more than receiving.
  • Thoughtful gift givers can also get crafty.
  • They think about the presentation.
  • When in doubt, they ask.

Check out the full article HERE:  7 Habits of Thoughtful Gift Givers

Personalise it!

The desire to create or give something special and unique has become a major push in the gift industry. We here at the Urban Twist studio have a real focus on personalised gifts of all shapes and sizes. We believe that adding a name or special phrase can transform a good gift into a great one!

Some of our favourite and quite popular items are our Personalised Photo Frames. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, new baby or other family milestone our frames are fully customisable! 

Another great gift that can be tailored to individual interests or hobbies is our range of Wooden Engraved Notebooks. These unique books come in a variety of design options and custom personalisation options. 

Thoughtfulness on a Budget

We all know it can be a struggle to find the perfect gift on a budget. However, spending a lot of money on someone doesn't necessarily equate to a thoughtful gift. Here are a few great ideas that are perfect for any occasion. 

Thank you Herb Gifts

Map Artwork: Hand-stitch the route you took on a vacation, and frame it!

Gifts in a Jar

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The Tuesday Twist: 8 August

The Tuesday Twist: 8 August

Oh Baby, Baby!

A new baby has to be one of the most exciting moments in life! Whether you are set to welcome the arrival of your new bundle of joy or merely looking for the perfect baby shower or christening gift for a friend, we've got you covered! From nursery decor to personalised name place cards for your special event, all of our products are made with the utmost care to celebrate baby!

Bears, Balloons and Buggies!

Our range of Personalise Baby Wall Art featuring cuddly teddy bears, playful balloons and vintage prams make the perfect gift! These designs come in a range of sizes and colours and are a great memento for christenings, baby showers, birthdays or Mother's Day.

Framed Papercut Artwork
Each design is suspended between two sheets of glass creating a stunning 3D effect.  


Freestanding Wooden Artwork
Our wooden blocks are crafted from the highest quality cuts of wood by a local fine carpentry company. This unique artwork can be sat on a windowsill, mantelpiece or desk. 


Wall Plaques
Our artwork is available in mahogany brown or scarlet, ensuring that the design will go perfectly with surrounding decor. Each plaque is provided with chrome finish wall fixings, which sits the piece 20mm off the wall, resulting in a stunning shadow effect.


Capture the Moment

Don't forget to have a glance at our very popular Personalised New Baby Photo Frame! This handmade photo frame is available in 2 sizes and 4 brushed metallic finishes.


Nursery Decor

These lovely artworks feature the popular children's nursery rhymes the 'Incy Wincy Spider' and 'Good Night, Sleep Tight.' Each delicate papercut design is pressed between two sheets of glass and assembled in a modern floating frame. 


A Star is Born

Truly a standout piece, this stunning wall art incorporates personalised details of the baby's birth showcased in a shimmering gold card! Available is three rich colours to emphasise the intricate details.

Dress up Your Tables

If you are planning a baby shower, christening party or even a birthday for your little one, be sure to check out our range of Name Place Cards! While our designs are geared towards wedding events, these personalised cards are just perfect for any event!


Cute Keepsakes

If you are thinking of incorporating a guest book into your event, this adorable design courtesy of Diary of a Craft Lady may be just the inspiration you need! This makes a great keepsake or would also be cute framed on the nursery wall!

Mocktails All Around!

These baby shower mocktails courtesy of Just Bright Ideas look and taste delicious! Your party is sure to be a hit when you incorporate a few of these colourful non-alcoholic cocktails into your menu. 


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The Tuesday Twist: 1 August

The Tuesday Twist: 1 August

Defying the norm since 1947

This week marks the start of the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe! With 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 294 venues in 2016 there are quite literally thousands of reasons to visit Edinburgh this year.


 Every year thousands of performers present shows ranging from theatre, comedy and dance to children's shows, musicals and exhibitions. One of our all times favourite is the world famous Royal Edinburgh Military TattooTaking place on the esplanade of Edinburgh's iconic Castle, expect an unforgettable evening of music, ceremony, theatre and dance! 

Take a piece of Edinburgh home with you

Now you can capture the radiance of the city and take home a memento of the Fringe with our stunning selection of Edinburgh Wall Art! Each design is suspended between two sheets of glass creating a stunning 3D effect. Many colour options available!

Along with our stunning larger artworks, we offer smaller versions that make the perfect souvenirs! Measuring 4.5 x 4.5 inches (glass-size), these minis can be easily packed in a suitcase! We also offer free shipping within the UK if you choose to have your item shipped home.

Explore our complete range of Landmark Artwork featuring many notable locations across the UK and beyond: CLICK HERE

Have your heard the news?

We now offer a range of products on Oodlique and right now you can receive an introductory offer of 15% OFF through Sunday, 6 August. Enter the code URBAN15 at checkout. Be sure check it out and save big! 

Also be sure to visit Oodlique's 'Meet the Maker' blog series featuring our very own director, Cameron Pitcairn!


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The Tuesday Twist: 25 July

The Tuesday Twist: 25 July

With the warmer months in full swing, many of us are now embracing the great outdoors! Continuing our trend on all things nature, this week we explore everything from gardening tips to our newest floral inspired designs that bring a touch of nature inside the home without the upkeep!


Key Holders

Our range of garden-inspired key holders, sold exclusively on Not on the High Street, are intricately crafted from solid wood and acrylic. Each design comes in matt black or matt white with varying sizes to accommodate two, three or four keys. Personalise your design by adding a family name as well as individual names above each hook. 

New! Floral Photo Frames

Our personalised floral photo frames are sure to add a unique touch to any home! Each style is available in a 6 x 4 or 7 x 5 inch landscape frame in four brushed metallic finishes: Gold, Bronze, Pewter, and Champagne Silver.

Wooden Notebooks 

With over 15 designs to choose from, these stunning wooden notebooks make the perfect gift! Our newest additions feature cheery summery designs that are perfect for keeping track of all your gardening notes. With a refillable paper pad option, these notebooks can be used over and over again!

Grow a Green Thumb

We would all like to be known as a gardening guru, and with these clever tips you will be on your way to making your gardening experience that much easier and way more enjoyable.

We can't wait to try a few of our favourite tips from this article, 26 Insanely clever Gardening Tips you Should Know

A few of our favourite tips from this article have to be these:

  • There are tons of ways to start seeds, but one of the best methods is in an eggshell. The shell provides lots of nutrients your seeds need to get off to a good and healthy life!

  • Before planting your seeds, consider soaking them in chamomile tea. This will help promote growth and germination in the seeds, making them stronger when planted!

  • An easy way to stop soil from spilling out of the drain holes in your potted plants is to put a coffee filter in them. With a coffee filter at the bottom, your soil will stay inside while the water just soaks through it and out the hole! 


And speaking of coffee, did you know you can use your old coffee grounds in your garden? The saying 'Life Begins After Coffee' takes on a whole new literal meaning in this clever article courtesy of Your House & Garden.



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The Tuesday Twist: 18 July

The Tuesday Twist: 18 July

An Ode to Nature 

Drawing inspiration from nature, the naturally occurring patterns and layers have inspired many of our artwork designs. 


Not only do many of our products derive from nature with the incorporation of trees, flowers and plants, we also embrace the idea of layering to create a more in depth design with 3-Dimensional aspects.

Check out some of our most popular layered designs!

Personalised Wooden Family Tree
(Available in 3 design options; sold exclusively on Not on The High Street)


Personalised Woodland Wedding Wall Art
(Available in 7 colour options)


Personalised/Non-Personalised Wooden Notebooks
(Available in a wide range of designs and colour options)


Layering your Wedding

These beautiful wedding cakes all incorporate the use of layers and natural elements to create stunning one-of-a-kind masterpieces!


Layered Terrariums

Succulents are one of our favourite houseplants that are relatively easy to grow. They thrive best when planted into a strategically layered terrarium. Use a glass container to fully capture the variations of the layers!

The layers of terrariums are too cool not to show off so why not be a little creative by using an unconventional object? 


Topography at it's most Innovative

We leave you with one pretty cool product by Zeynep Orbay. This stunning topographic paper calendar is the perfect blend of nature and layering! A sheet of paper for everyday, this calendar not only has visual aesthetic but it's dual-functionality is quite innovative.

*Stay on the look out for our new Layered Christmas Decorations that will be available for purchase later this year!


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The Tuesday Twist: 11 July

The Tuesday Twist: 11 July

It's Wedding Season!

Now that wedding season is officially upon us, we are here to fill you with inspiration! Urban Twist provides a wide range of wedding products, perfectly suited for styling your big day!


New from the studio, our refillable Wooden Wedding Planners have been a huge hit! Choose from 5 charming designs and personalise the notebook spine, elastic strap colour and the inside cover colour. Your personalised details will be intricately engraved onto the cover creating a stunning effect and a truly lasting keepsake.


Congratulations on setting a date! Now it's time to let your guests know. We offer a wide range of Save the Dates to match your wedding theme. From magnets to stunning clear acrylic, we are sure to have something for everyone!


Add a special touch to your wedding tables that your guests are sure to love. Our Name Place Cards are designed to fit perfectly onto wine glass rims or as a freestanding 3D design. Our Charms attach easily to the base of wine glasses and can double as a favour or keepsake after your event! 

Right now save 20% on our entire range of Place Cards and Charms! Use the code THEBIGDAY at checkout.


Whether you are a newlywed, celebrating many wonderful years with your special someone or looking for a unique wedding present, we have just the thing to help you celebrate. Explore our wide range of Personalised Wedding and Anniversary gifts that are sure to put a smile on the happy couple's face!


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The Tuesday Twist: 4 July

The Tuesday Twist: 4 July

This week we celebrate red, white and blue!



Here in the United Kingdom we usher in Wimbledon! Held at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London, the great tennis tournament runs from 3 July - 16 July this year.

The first Championships made headlines in 1877 and since then the oldest tennis tournament in the world has come quite a long way.

Find out more about the history of Wimbledon, get up to date news and coverage and find out how to plan your trip HERE, and be sure to check out the Wimbledon Museum if you are headed to the matches!

No trip to Wimbledon would be complete without partaking in a luscious Pimms or strawberry dessert. If fact, it is estimated that over the course of Wimbledon the crowds will consume 1,420,000 strawberries and 200,000 bottles of Pimms!

Game, Set, Match!

Now you can capture the spirit of Wimbledon from the comfort of your home with one of these inspired treats!

Wimbledon Strawberry Cupcakes courtesy of Jane's Patisserie 

Pimm's Jellies courtesy of Sainsbury's Magazine

A great way to capture your Wimbledon memories is with one of our Personalised Photo Frames! Choose from four stunning brushed metallic finishes: Gold, Bronze, Pewter or Champagne Silver. 

A Very Happy Fourth!

We would like to wish all of our American friends a very happy Fourth of July filled with fireworks, festivities and of course fabulous food!


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    The Tuesday Twist: 27 June

    The Tuesday Twist: 27 June

    Summer is here! Pack your bags and give in to wanderlust!

    Start your travels on the right foot with one of our new Wooden Travel Notebooks!

    A great way to stay organised as you venture! Keep your itineraries, notes and contacts, and even your most memorable travel stories all neatly in one place. These also make a great gift for friends and family that love to explore and experience new adventures!

    Flex your Creative Muscles

    If you are new to keeping a travel journal and want to find some inspiration to get you started Creative Passport is a great website to visit! It's aim is to bring people into a world of creativity even if they can’t draw or write! Filled with journal prompts, travelling tips, and so much more.

    The Trip of a Lifetime 

    If you are searching for some travel inspiration, why not check out this awesome blog, 17 Hidden Europe Gems You Need to Visit in 2017 courtesy of Dan Flying Solo.

    Nature is Calling

    Get away from the hustle and bustle of life for some fresh air and family time! Scotland boasts some fantastic campsites among wonderful mountain and coastal scenery. Check out Wild About Scotland: Top 10 Campsites in Scotland.

    Remember the Moments

    Whether you are getting your passports in order for a fabulous trip abroad or planning a family camping trip to the mountains, capture your favourite family moments in our one of our stunning Personalised Photo Frames! 


    And if you are missing the peaceful glow of the campfire, you can easily recreate a tasty version with these delightful Bonfire Cupcakes courtesy of Tastemade.

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    The Tuesday Twist: 20 June

    The Tuesday Twist: 20 June

    With all the rain Edinburgh has been receiving over the last few weeks, nature is in full bloom. It seems as though Auld Reekie herself is embracing Pantone's Colour of the Year: Greenery. This week we have devoted our entire blog to all things green!

    History of Green

    Greenery has inundating the latest trends and home decor ideas and is synonymous with springtime, growth and nature. Given it's history, it comes as no surprise that much of trending decor incorporates plant derived prints and colour tones.

    In Ancient Egypt, green was the symbol of regeneration and rebirth. 

    The Ancient Egyptian god Osiris, ruler of the underworld and of rebirth and regeneration, was typically shown with a green face. (Tomb of Nefertari, 1295–1253 BC).

    To the Romans it was the colour of Venus, the goddess of gardens, vegetables and vineyards.

    Ancient Roman fresco of Flora, or Spring, from Stabiae (2nd century AD)

    In his book GREEN: The History of a ColorFrench art historian Michel Pastoureau takes an in depth look at the history of this verdant shade. From classical roots to modern uses, the colour green remains a prominent fixture in trending decor.

    Bringing Greenery Inside 

    The colour green offers a soothing appeal and when incorporated into the home it can evoke a sense of renewal.

    Hurd and Honey have pieced together very convincing evidence as to 'Why Every Home Needs a Green Wall.' Here are a few of our favourite rationales:

    • Green walls will warm your home in the cooler months, and cool your home in the warmer months.
    • Green walls and plants combine beautifully.
    • Green walls, even darker shades, can make a smaller space feel larger.
    • Green walls give the impression that life is lived healthier, more organic and pure.
    • Green walls inspire imagination, green is open-minded, and friendly.
    • Green walls help neutrals stand out better than they would against white walls.

    Check out the full article:

      We just love the idea of incorporating living plant life into the home in unique ways, such as this living moss wall!
      If you are curious about how to get started decorating with With Pantone Color Of The Year, why not check out this article by Setting for Four.

      Fresh from the Studio

      If you are looking for a personalised touch to add to your greenery theme, why not check out our newest range of products!

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      The Tuesday Twist: 13 June

      The Tuesday Twist: 13 June

      A Day for Dad

      This weekend we show dads all around the world how much we appreciate their love and contributions to our lives. If you are still on the hunt for that perfect gift for Father's Day, be sure to explore our full range of personalised products that are sure to put a smile on Dad's face. And to put a smile on your face, we are offering a 20% OFF discount from now until 14 June during our Father's Day Special!

      Fresh from the Studio...

      We want all dads, padres, fathers, babbos, daidís and papas to have an wonderful day filled with memories and of course thoughtful gifts like these Personalised Engraved Wooden blocks. 

      We just love our new range of Engraved Wooden Notebooks! These refillable A5 oak notebooks featuring a 'living hinge' spine are the perfect gift for any occasion! 

      In addition to our notebooks, we have also introduced two new versions of our family trees, featuring a willow tree and a charming treehouse design. Each design is made to order in a handmade wooden frame and comes in 12 beautiful shades!

      Wooden Trends for Him

      We absolutely love the trend of wooden gifts so it was only fair to showcase these amazing gifts for Dad's wardrobe.

      Wooden Watches by Urban Designer


      Wooden Bow Ties by Creat.Gift.Love

      Wooden Ties by Wood Thumb


       A Feast Fit for Dad

      Perhaps rather than (or in addition to) a tangible gift this year, why not cook Dad a sumptuous feast? Like the old saying goes, 'A way to a man's heart is through his stomach!' So naturally, a day devoted to 'all things dad' can only be complete with a glorious meal! This time bacon has served as the inspiration and we have searched high and low for our absolute favourite recipes. 

      Dad's mouth is sure to water at the sight of these Bacon, Pineapple and Chicken Kebabs

      These sweet and savory Maple Syrup Buttercream & Bacon Cupcakes courtesy of Wilton are perfect for Father’s Day!

      And because we love bacon so much, this Smoky Whiskey Mule courtesy of Chili Pepper Madness is packed full of Jack Daniels, candied bacon, and chili pepper!


      Your friends at Urban Twist wish everyone a safe and joyful Father's Day!

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