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The Tuesday Twist: 25 July

The Tuesday Twist: 25 July

With the warmer months in full swing, many of us are now embracing the great outdoors! Continuing our trend on all things nature, this week we explore everything from gardening tips to our newest floral inspired designs that bring a touch of nature inside the home without the upkeep!


Key Holders

Our range of garden-inspired key holders, sold exclusively on Not on the High Street, are intricately crafted from solid wood and acrylic. Each design comes in matt black or matt white with varying sizes to accommodate two, three or four keys. Personalise your design by adding a family name as well as individual names above each hook. 

New! Floral Photo Frames

Our personalised floral photo frames are sure to add a unique touch to any home! Each style is available in a 6 x 4 or 7 x 5 inch landscape frame in four brushed metallic finishes: Gold, Bronze, Pewter, and Champagne Silver.

Wooden Notebooks 

With over 15 designs to choose from, these stunning wooden notebooks make the perfect gift! Our newest additions feature cheery summery designs that are perfect for keeping track of all your gardening notes. With a refillable paper pad option, these notebooks can be used over and over again!

Grow a Green Thumb

We would all like to be known as a gardening guru, and with these clever tips you will be on your way to making your gardening experience that much easier and way more enjoyable.

We can't wait to try a few of our favourite tips from this article, 26 Insanely clever Gardening Tips you Should Know

A few of our favourite tips from this article have to be these:

  • There are tons of ways to start seeds, but one of the best methods is in an eggshell. The shell provides lots of nutrients your seeds need to get off to a good and healthy life!

  • Before planting your seeds, consider soaking them in chamomile tea. This will help promote growth and germination in the seeds, making them stronger when planted!

  • An easy way to stop soil from spilling out of the drain holes in your potted plants is to put a coffee filter in them. With a coffee filter at the bottom, your soil will stay inside while the water just soaks through it and out the hole! 


And speaking of coffee, did you know you can use your old coffee grounds in your garden? The saying 'Life Begins After Coffee' takes on a whole new literal meaning in this clever article courtesy of Your House & Garden.



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