The Tuesday Twist: 25 April

The Tuesday Twist: 25 April

Psssst...The secret is out!

Our range of personalised key holders sold exclusively on Not on the High Street are a huge hit! Select from a range of sizes, designs and colours to perfectly suit your home decor!

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This week we are starting to feel the wanderlust creep in! Whether you are thinking about a possible holiday or perhaps even planning a destination wedding, it's time to grab your suitcase, your sunglasses and of course your keys (possibly hanging on a lovely new Urban Twist Key Holder!) and head out for an epic journey!

UNESCO World Heritage

Last week we observed World Heritage Day which is a global cause devoted to the awareness and preservation of historic sites around the world.


The travel advice gurus at Hand Luggage Only have created an awesome map that shows you where to find every UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UK and Ireland. Road trip anyone?

If you are fortunate enough to visit one or more of these amazing locations and are looking for a unique memento to remember your trip, our intricately detailed papercut artwork of some of the most iconic landmarks in the UK are sure to liven up any wall space!

Explore our entire range of Landmark Artwork HERE

We also love our Wooden Block Engraving that captures that special place which holds your dearest memories. These blocks can be personalised with any country as well as a lovely heart symbol over a specified city location making it an ideal gift for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays!

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Travelling from Miss to Mrs.

Planning a destination wedding? We just love the idea of incorporating a travel-theme into favours, decor and the cake! We have rounded up a few awesome ideas that capture the spirit of adventure.

Save the Dates: These boarding pass Save the Dates are a great way to get into the travelling spirit while at the same time provide important information that your guests are sure to love reading!

The Cake: From the cupcakes to tiered cakes, these matrimonial desserts are just breathtaking!

Wedding Favours and Decor: The possibilities are endless when it comes to travel decor. 


Banish Jet Lag

Often, one of the biggest downsides to travelling is jet lag. While there are a multitude of suggestions to banish the travel bug, the incorporation of green tea  into your diet (in particular matcha green tea) is a natural way to boost your body and overall health.....and yes, beat the jet lag! 

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