The Tuesday Twist: 22 August

The Tuesday Twist: 22 August


This week marked a significant milestone as Big Ben sounded its last bong for several years. The Elizabeth Tower, home to the Great Clock and Big Ben, is currently undergoing a complex programme of renovation work. Find out more about the conservation works HERE

We truly love the architecture of London's Houses of Parliament and it has served as inspiration for one of our featured Landmark Wall Arts. Available is 12 colour options, our Houses of Parliament Mini Wall Art is the perfect way to commemorate Big Ben in all its glory!

'Not All Who Wander Are Lost' 

As the summer months of road trips and travels come to a close, you may be thinking of ways to preserve your most recent holiday memories.

Just like our fabulous Houses of Parliament Mini Wall Art we offer a range of other notable landmarks from all across the UK (and a few beyond). You will remember all the fun times you've had every time you walk by your wall art!

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Our Personalised Memory Map Artworks are a stunning way to commemorate a holiday, wedding, honeymoon, or other special event! Each solid wood block is engraved to your personal specifications making it a truly unique keepsake!

Wherever your journeys have, or will soon take you, a great way to preserve your experiences is by keeping a travel journal. Our new Wooden Engraved Notebooks also make a a great sketchpad or photo album!

Map it Out

We just love the idea of transforming a map (perhaps one you actually used on your travels) into a meaningful keepsake! Here are a few of our favourites!

Decoupage Map Stones: These cost effective souvenirs are a great way to bring home a piece of your travels. These momentos collected from all across the country or world would look great in a decorative glass bowl on the coffee table!

Bottle-Cap Map Magnets: While sampling the best of local breweries, hang onto that bottle cap and turn it into a conversational souvenir!

 Map Wallpaper: Inject some wanderlust into an ordinary piece of funiture by adding a map! This would look exceptional on a bookcase filled with travel books and souvenirs!


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