The Tuesday Twist: 20 June

The Tuesday Twist: 20 June

With all the rain Edinburgh has been receiving over the last few weeks, nature is in full bloom. It seems as though Auld Reekie herself is embracing Pantone's Colour of the Year: Greenery. This week we have devoted our entire blog to all things green!

History of Green

Greenery has inundating the latest trends and home decor ideas and is synonymous with springtime, growth and nature. Given it's history, it comes as no surprise that much of trending decor incorporates plant derived prints and colour tones.

In Ancient Egypt, green was the symbol of regeneration and rebirth. 

The Ancient Egyptian god Osiris, ruler of the underworld and of rebirth and regeneration, was typically shown with a green face. (Tomb of Nefertari, 1295–1253 BC).

To the Romans it was the colour of Venus, the goddess of gardens, vegetables and vineyards.

Ancient Roman fresco of Flora, or Spring, from Stabiae (2nd century AD)

In his book GREEN: The History of a ColorFrench art historian Michel Pastoureau takes an in depth look at the history of this verdant shade. From classical roots to modern uses, the colour green remains a prominent fixture in trending decor.

Bringing Greenery Inside 

The colour green offers a soothing appeal and when incorporated into the home it can evoke a sense of renewal.

Hurd and Honey have pieced together very convincing evidence as to 'Why Every Home Needs a Green Wall.' Here are a few of our favourite rationales:

  • Green walls will warm your home in the cooler months, and cool your home in the warmer months.
  • Green walls and plants combine beautifully.
  • Green walls, even darker shades, can make a smaller space feel larger.
  • Green walls give the impression that life is lived healthier, more organic and pure.
  • Green walls inspire imagination, green is open-minded, and friendly.
  • Green walls help neutrals stand out better than they would against white walls.

Check out the full article:

    We just love the idea of incorporating living plant life into the home in unique ways, such as this living moss wall!
    If you are curious about how to get started decorating with With Pantone Color Of The Year, why not check out this article by Setting for Four.

    Fresh from the Studio

    If you are looking for a personalised touch to add to your greenery theme, why not check out our newest range of products!

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