The Tuesday Twist: 20 February

The Tuesday Twist: 20 February

The little thing that holds our lives together....

the Key Ring!

A key ring is perhaps the single most important belonging you possess. With keys to your open your home,car and locks to other belongings, as well as meaningful accessories such as pictures and personalised mementos, the key ring is essentially the glue that holds together the things that are most important to us.
Keys themselves were used as early as 4000 years ago thanks to the invention of the ancient Egyptian door locks, and were considered symbols of power. The keyring is equally old and is as significant.

In Ancient Roman times, the key ring took a more literal approach due to a lack of pockets in their togas. The ancients often wore keys on their fingers to avoid losing them.

Throughout history the keyring has retained it's symbol of significance. Much like the Ancient Egyptian assertion that keys = power and importance, keyrings have often been used in ceremonial displays such as the Tower of London's Ceremony of the Keys. This 700 year old ancient ceremony is a symbolic re-enactment which emphasises the importance these keys play in the security of the Crown Jewels and many other invaluable objects housed within the Tower.


Find out more about the Ceremony of the Keys HERE

Modern day keyrings are not just a device to keep track off one's keys. Available in a range of materials, sizes and shapes, the addition of customised accessories are endless! From bottle openers, picture lockets, charms or even a lucky rabbit's foot, the ability to personalise your keyring and make it your own has never been easier! 


We here at the Urban Twist studio recognise the significance of creating meaningful keyrings. We strive to provide individualised designs and personalisation options that the recipient is sure to treasure as a valued keepsake!

With our newest range of Personalised keyrings you can commemorate a birthday or milestone anniversary, congratulate someone on their move into a new home, send someone a thoughtful reminder of how much they mean to you, or remind yourself of a fabulous holiday in a far away country!


Our keyrings are crafted from sustainable solid oak and are made to order with your personal specifications. You can also choose to include an optional special message to be engraved on the reverse side. Each keyring comes with an metal ring and lobster clasp, allowing it to be easily attached to your keys, bags or anywhere you would like!

Be sure to check out our Key Ring Collection HERE!


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