The Tuesday Twist: 2 May

The Tuesday Twist: 2 May

It's All About the Flowers!

April Showers have definitely brought the May flowers to Edinburgh! Everywhere you look, the site of budding crocuses and daffodils as well as rows of gorgeous cherry blossoms line the historic city streets. 

Hanami 花見 

Did you know that the happiness and enjoyment of seeing blossoms in full bloom (in particular the cherry blossom) is a traditional Japanese custom known as Hanami? Our friends at Edinburgh World Heritage have shed some light on this intriguing concept.
If you are looking for the perfect place to take in these local floral beauties, why not take a stroll through Edinburgh's historic Royal Botanical Gardens?
The original garden was established in 1670 and during the 20th century acquired three Regional Gardens – the mountainous Benmore in Argyll; Dawyck in the wooded hills of the Scottish Borders and Logan on the Gulf Stream-warmed southern peninsula of Dumfries & Galloway. Together they represent one of the world’s largest living collections of plants!

Find out more HERE.

Petal Palette!

The idea of edible flowers may sound a bit strange to some, but this trend is becoming more and more popular. Great British Chefs have compiled an array of trendy foods and drinks that incorporate everything from pansies and violets to lavender and rose.


Or check out these fabulously floral cocktails courtesy of Buzzfeed

Bring the Garden Inside

Keeping up with flower theme, why not check out our range of of flower themed decor? We absolutely love that Spring is here and we have been inspired by the ever present blooms around us here in Edinburgh!

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