The Tuesday Twist: 18 July

The Tuesday Twist: 18 July

An Ode to Nature 

Drawing inspiration from nature, the naturally occurring patterns and layers have inspired many of our artwork designs. 


Not only do many of our products derive from nature with the incorporation of trees, flowers and plants, we also embrace the idea of layering to create a more in depth design with 3-Dimensional aspects.

Check out some of our most popular layered designs!

Personalised Wooden Family Tree
(Available in 3 design options; sold exclusively on Not on The High Street)


Personalised Woodland Wedding Wall Art
(Available in 7 colour options)


Personalised/Non-Personalised Wooden Notebooks
(Available in a wide range of designs and colour options)


Layering your Wedding

These beautiful wedding cakes all incorporate the use of layers and natural elements to create stunning one-of-a-kind masterpieces!


Layered Terrariums

Succulents are one of our favourite houseplants that are relatively easy to grow. They thrive best when planted into a strategically layered terrarium. Use a glass container to fully capture the variations of the layers!

The layers of terrariums are too cool not to show off so why not be a little creative by using an unconventional object? 


Topography at it's most Innovative

We leave you with one pretty cool product by Zeynep Orbay. This stunning topographic paper calendar is the perfect blend of nature and layering! A sheet of paper for everyday, this calendar not only has visual aesthetic but it's dual-functionality is quite innovative.

*Stay on the look out for our new Layered Christmas Decorations that will be available for purchase later this year!


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