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The Tuesday Twist: 17 April

The Tuesday Twist: 17 April

Dust off Your Running Shoes!

This weekend the world will tune in to watch the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon. Whether you are running, walking or cheering from the sidelines, this will no doubt be an event to remember! This annual long-distance running event, which is classed as part of the World Marathon Majors, has taken place every Spring since March 1981.
Since its founding, more than £68 million has been allocated by The London Marathon Charitable Trust in total to more than 1,200 recreational projects and the runners themselves have raised in excess of £890 million, which has gone directly to charities of their choosing.
Click HERE to find out how you can get involved!
The London Marathon Expo will run from Wednesday 18 April to Saturday 21 April and the actual Marathon will take place on Sunday 22nd April. For all the ins and outs of the event, visit the official website below.

Architectural Inspiration

As the runners and spectators take their marks for this weekend's Marathon, we are excited to see the amazing photography that emerges, capturing the juxtaposition of both athlete and architecture. The iconic structures and buildings that line nearly every street in London are without a doubt some of our favourite and have served as our artistic inspiration.
From the Gothic-style Houses of Parliament to the modern London Eye, our artwork strives to capture the rich architectural history of London while incorporating a unique twist of colour!
To explore the changing architecture throughout time be sure to check out 11 Lovely Centuries of London courtesy of A Lady in London. 

Spring in the City

If you are heading to London for the marathon, why not carve out a bit of time to take in the city at the most glorious time of year? While London is a great place to visit at any time of yeer and in any weather, it's at its finest at the heart of Spring! Not only is the city a blooming garden, there are less tourists compared to summer, and ample amounts of events to attend!
If you need some inspiration for things to do, be sure to check out 10 Reasons to Experience Spring in London, courtesy of Merry-Go-Round. Slowly.

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The Tuesday Twist: 6 June

The Tuesday Twist: 6 June

It's that time of year to commemorate all the contributions and sacrifices our fathers have made. This 18 June, why not treat Dad (and maybe even Granddad) to a lasting keepsake that will remind him daily of how much he is loved and appreciated?  

Now through 14 June receive 20% off with our Father's Day special! 

Use the code: DAD17 at checkout





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The Tuesday Twist: 23 May

The Tuesday Twist: 23 May

Save the Dates

Our wooden Save the Date Magnets made a wee cameo in Bride de Force's 'Top Five Save the Date Ideas' video and we are chuffed! Check it out! (3:24)
Sending your guests a unique Save the Date is a great way to give your guests a sample of your wedding theme or perhaps even give them a taste of what they might expect.

 Be sure to explore our entire range of Save the Dates to find that perfect fit!



Speaking of dates to save, you may want to add these events to your calendars...

Spring Bank Holiday:

What's not to love about an extra day off? 29 May is a great excuse to spend time relaxing with family and friends. If you don't want to stay home-bound, why not check out one of the UK's stunning beaches? 

Voted one of the Top 10 city beach break destinations in the world, Brighton & its beachfront are certainly one of our favourite beach destinations!

Take in the colourful town by sightseeing such opulent sights as the Royal Pavillion and the Artists’ Quarter. Or perhaps stroll the iconic Brighton Pier and enjoy a few rides and arcade games. But don't forget to pull up one the infamous striped deck chairs and soak up some rays! A trip to Brighton definitely has something for the whole family!

Be sure to check out our range of Brighton Wall Art Minis! It's the perfect way to commemorate your seaside visit!


Highland Games:

If you are looking for a truly Scottish experience why next head to the nearest Highland Games! Beginning in the later part of May and extending throughout September, these games are packed full of strength contests, parades, Scottish music and dancing, heritage events and feasts.

Get all the details and explore the history of the event with this handy guide courtesy of our friends at Visit Scotland.

RHS Flower Shows:

Occurring now and extending throughout summer, the Royal Horticultural Society puts on a serious of flower shows and events, aimed at showcasing their vision to enrich everyone's life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place.

Find your nearest show venue HERE

Great British Food Festival:

If you are looking for an event that has everything from live music, men vs food challenges, artisan bake goods, kids cooking classes, and live chef demonstrations then you must attend your nearest Great British Food Festival!


 Find your nearest venue location HERE

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The Tuesday Twist: 16 May

The Tuesday Twist: 16 May

'Today’s Rain Is Tomorrow’s Whisky'

20 May we celebrate World Whisky Day! World Whisky day celebrates all types of whisky and encourages everyone to enjoy whisky responsibly.
You can find a World Whisky Day event happening near you and go along to taste some wonderful whiskies and meet loads of other fun people. There are loads of events happening all over the world. Some events are free and some are ticketed.


'Water of Life'

Over the years, whisky has managed to became synonymous with Scottish culture and is one of the most popular modern alcoholic beverages. Scotch Whisky - a drink made only in Scotland, but enjoyed around the world - evolved from a Scottish drink called uisge beatha, which means 'water of life'.

Distilled almost exclusively by monks in the fifteenth century, the earliest whisky was never allowed to mature and was seen primarily as a medicine, being prescribed for the preservation of health, the prolongation of life, and for the relief of colic, palsy and even smallpox.

Want to learn more about how whisky evolved into the staple drink we enjoy today?
Find out more HERE

The Whisky Capital 

If you are visiting our lovely hometown of Edinburgh for World Whisky Day be sure to check out the local interactive guide courtesy of for everything from where to experience whisky, where to shop for whisky or even where to eat a whisky-inspired meal. Check it out HERE

'There are some cities where whisky is intertwined into their very fabric; where the water of life flows freely through their bars and restaurants; where locals and visitors alike can experience whisky at its very best. Welcome to Edinburgh.'

And while you are here, why not visit the Scotch Whisky Experience where you can take a barrel ride as you actually become part of the whisky making process!

And what better way to commemorate your holiday than with one of our lovely framed landmark artworks featuring Auld Reekie in all her glory!
Explore our entire range HERE

From Dram to Glam

Just what can you do with those empty whisky bottles? If you are feeling crafty you might try your hand at creating fabulous home decor made from whisky bottles like these hurricane candle votives and pulley light courtesy of Moonshine Lamp

We also these eye-catching home decor ideas. From plant holders to unique storage vessels, the possibilities are endless!
For the whisky drinking connoisseur, it's generally accepted that the more unique the glass, the better the drinking experience. These little beauties have definitely broken traditional norms and pushed the boundaries of glassware.

A Taste Sensation

What better way to wrap up this week's whisky themed blog than with a mouth-watering orange bundt cake with salted whisky caramel recipe courtesy of Recipes from a Pantry. It's an absolute must-try!


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