The Tuesday Twist: 4 April

The Tuesday Twist: 4 April

All About Engraving!

This week it's all things engraving at the Urban Twist studio. We have been busy framing memories for our customers in our personalised photo frames. 

Our frames are designed, assembled and engraved in our Edinburgh studio, crafted from the highest quality cuts of wood and are available in four brushed metallic finishes: Gold, Bronze, Pewter and Champagne Silver. Check out our entire range HERE

Laser, Lasers and more LASERS!

Many of the products made at the Urban Twist studio are engraved using our own state of the art laser cutting machines. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with highly accurate and precisely cut products. Our range of Save the Dates showcases intricate details and come in various materials such as acrylic and cherry wood.

As the use of lasers is instrumental in everything we do here at the studio, we thought it would be fun to share these awesome fun facts about all things laser courtesy of Subcon Laser Cutting.

Check the list out HERE.  

Amazing Engravings

If you are as curious as we are, you may find yourself wondering what are some of the craziest things that have been engraved? We have rounded up a handful of what we think showcases quirkiness and a real ingenuity produced with high-tech laser engraving.

1) Laser Tattooed Fruit and Veg:

In an effort to reduce plastic packaging, a Dutch company has opted for a high tech 'natural branding.' 

Also be sure to check out these laser engraved beans with messages that will continue to enlarge as the beans grow? Buy yours today courtesy of Not on the High Street HERE

2) Engraved Fingerprints: What a fabulous keepsake for loved ones! The utilisation of real fingerprints is captured beautifully in these wedding rings by Serendipity Diamonds as well in this stunning walnut wall art courtesy of Scoutmob.


3) Imprinted Rolling Pins: These laser engraved rolling pins by Valek imprint elaborate designs on baked goods.

4) Engraved City Maps: These stunningly detailed laser engraved wood maps made by CollectedEdition make a beautiful piece of wall art.

5) Renaissance-style: While high tech lasers may not have been around during the renaissance, the intricacy and attention to detail of this metal armour must be celebrated! When we come across hand etchings and engravings, especially those as old as this 16th century acid-etched metal armour, we are in awe of the skills required to create with such precision! Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum online to find out more!


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