TGIF @ Urban Twist: 16 October

All the leave are brown, and the sky is grey... Autumn has officially hit the UK. That means an increase in the consumption of hot chocolates, which of course means you're going to need a coaster to put your cuppa on while you watch Strictly Come Dancing/The X Factor/Gogglebox/whatever reality-based television program takes your fancy. 

Gloomy colours over Arthur's Seat today #edinburgh #scotland #clouds #mountain #ruins

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Lucky for you, we just released new Personalised Portrait Coasters on our website! Crafted from cherry wood veneer, our coasters feature cameo silhouette portraits in six customisable designs for adults, children and pets, making them perfect for families of every shape and size.

If you want to use them for a beverage with a harder edge, we have you covered. This Classic Hot Toddy recipe from 12 Tomatoes gives you an instant warm and cozy feeling. 

It's been a busy week for commissions, with a massive order of bespoke greeting cards getting sent out to the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Our products are spread far and wide, with VK Gallery in Cambridgeshire also stocking up on our distinctive spiral design Christmas decorations.

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