TGIF @ Urban Twist: 9 October

Don't miss out on your chance to 15% off when you spend £50 or more on any of our product on Not on the High Street! Just enter the code LUCKYME at checkout. Our Christmas tree decorations are especially popular this time of year, in particular our brand new acrylic snowman family decorations.

Our newest product went online this week. Our Save the Date announcements are available in five stylish designs, including hearts, leaves, butterflies, wreathes and a Scotch Thistle design that is especially unique for traditional Scottish ceremonies.


Papercutters are the new trendsetters, and we've been ahead of the curve for years. The Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2015 show had a resplendent papercut jungle set, but we've been celebrating our local architecture with papercuts for years. Earlier in the week the Forth Rail Bridge was closed down but we had a permanent view, and yesterday we marked National Poetry Day with our Scott Monument design.  Keep up with all our tastemaking by following us on Instagram and Twitter.  

"Forward and frolic glee was there,The will to do, the soul to dare,The sparkling glance, soon blown to fire,Of hasty...

Posted by Urban Twist on Thursday, 8 October 2015

Speaking of tastemaking, we found a recipe for homemade Tim Tams on Blogging Over Thyme and needless to say we got a little bit excited. Tim Tams are a staple Australian delicacy, and are delicious in their own right but can be taken to the next level with a Tim Tam Slam. Do youself a favour and make yourself some of these ASAP. 

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